Makeup Motivation

Unleashing a different version of yourself through makeup

Professional or not, makeup allows people to explore and present different versions of themselves with their natural beauty acting as a canvas. Whether it’s a full blown glam look, a soft natural look or even a rushing to a 9-5 look, you are able to present yourself however you please! Things may not always turn out how you want it but you have the power to learn and break into the creative realm of your choice.

You are in control and free to put on whatever face you want, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.


Accentuate those features, glow in your own skin

As a black woman myself, I have been shamed due to my dominant facial features. I was made to feel ugly and often alienated. Over the years, I realised how beautiful and unique those facial features made me. I was no longer looking to fit into the western ideals.

Ladies, we can use makeup as an instrument to showcase and detail our individuality. Makeup isn’t a cover up of shame but an enhancer of natural beauty. Utilise it to make yourself happy and proud of who you are.

I am beautiful. Ladies, we are beautiful!



Sometimes we just need to take a second and breathe

When that eyelash isn’t sticking on or when you smokey eye makeup makes it look like you’ve just been punched in the face, just breathe. Take a second and have a laugh. The more you stress out the more mistakes you’ll make. An amazing look never comes easy!

What makeup tragedies have you had? I’m sure we’ve all got some funny stories.